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Why I Love Sal Suds

Dr Bronners Sal Suds

My Grandmother cleaned with Pine sol in the 1950’s, and because so many clients requested that product, in 2016 I searched for an earth friendly alternative that would protect the earth and do a better job of disinfecting than the original. After some research I found Sal Suds by Dr. Bronner. It has that nice “familiar” grandma smell of evergreen oil that most of us remember from childhood and this Earth Friendly version does an even better job than Pine Sol at about the same price per ounce!

It’s strong but safe. The evergreen oil kills germs and disinfects so it’s great for bathroom and kitchen surfaces, floor washing, and for the most dangerous “Points of Contact” like switch plates, door knobs, hand rails, cabinet pulls, toilet flushers, remote controls, and phones: the places where germs like influenza and E. coli are dangerously passed unnoticed, from one person to another, spreading illness to the whole family. Sal Suds is the best green solution.

We use Sal Suds on almost every surface to stop the spread of germs; it’s one of our main go-to cleaners at Great Green Cleaning.


But is it strong enough to clean my dirty toilet? Absolutely! If the toilet is really dirty, we start with our Barkeepers Friend scrubbing powder. Barkeepers is also completely safe for the environment. It’s the oxalic acid in the Barkeepers (made from rhubarbs) that scrubs away any tough stuck on stains in the toilet. We then follow it with Sal Suds and it’s clean.

I really like how simple it is to use. No measuring, no recipes, just scrub the toilet with barkeepers powder and your toilet brush, then wash it with Sal Suds and rinse it with water.

And Voila! Your home is shinier than ever and people will constantly ask you: “What’s your secret?”

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