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Our Mission For Our Customers:

To clean and care for your home, family and business as if it’s our own. Using earth friendly solutions and technologies, freeing up your time so you may fulfill your highest purpose. We’re changing the world, one cleaning at a time.

Our Mission For Our Staff:

To create a supportive educational work environment wherein each individual may grow and thrive contributing all of themselves and their life experience, while joyfully creating a successful income.

Our Vision For Our Business:

Great Green Cleaning and Maid Service is recognized as New York’s most sought after Green Cleaning and Maid Service. We provide a working environment within our Company that enhances the lives of all we come in contact with on a daily basis. We model doing business with integrity and transparency, and create a new paradigm for business building that demonstrates honesty, compassion and “Doing the Right Thing,” leading to financial and personal success for everyone involved.

We Teach and Demonstrate
a Deeper Meaning of Teamwork

“The Whole is More Powerful Than The Sum of It’s Parts”: None of us can succeed alone, and we all know that. I have eyes so I may see you and you have eyes so that I may see me. Our staff members support and check in with each other. They look at each other’s work, and they help each other improve with data based truth telling and honest feedback. We teach our staff active listening and mediation skills for excellent partnerships and clear supportive communication. Together we can be the best, together we can make a difference in the world.

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