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If you have any questions simply look here or call us anytime at 718-369-9000 we’re here every day 7am-10pm for your convenience.

Do I need to be home?

We’re here to take care of your home so you can focus on your life and the things you love. Some clients like to be present at the first cleaning to get to know their cleaning specialist. Most prefer to arrange entry before work and leave us to take care of everything. Some have a doorman, a superintendent or a neighbor let us in. Some clients leave a key in a hidden location or lock box. We do everything we can to make it easy for you.

Can I give you my key?

Many of our clients prefer to give us a copy of their key. We keep these securely encoded by number in a lock box. Our staff must sign your key in and out at the time of your cleaning. We take your security seriously. We can come in and prepare your home when you are returning from vacation, so it is clean and fresh, and you’ll have everything you need to settle back in comfortably.

I have pets, will they be ok during my service?

All of our Cleaning Specialists are pet lovers.  Let your Client Care representative know your pets names and needs during your account set-up call. We work with dogs, cats, birds and numerous other animals every day.  If your pet is nervous please introduce them to your cleaner when we arrive. Let us know if your pet has any special needs. For example, are they afraid of the vacuum? Should certain doors be left open or be closed? We will treat them with love and respect.

How do I pay for my service?

We accept all credit cards. Some clients prefer to pay in cash, that’s no problem. You can also pay by check, but we keep a credit card on file for every client.

When will my card be charged?

Your card will not be charged until your cleaning is completed and your charges are checked and assessed for accuracy. We do authorize your card 48 hours before your appointment, like a hotel or rental car company. The authorization will appear on your account as a pending charge but will drop off after the true charge goes through. Time of this varies according to your bank’s practices.

What if I am not happy with my cleaning?

On the rare occasion that a client isn’t completely satisfied, we have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Just call us within 24 hours of your cleaning and we will redo our completed work and bring it up to your standards, cheerfully, for free of course. We are proud of our customer service record and believe that a happy client is the best form of advertising.

I have a busy schedule. Will my cleaner arrive on time?

We pride ourselves to always arrive 15 minutes early for every cleaning. Sometimes emergencies do happen. On the rare occasion that there is a transit issue or a medical emergency, your Client Care Specialist will call you before the time of your cleaning to let you know what to expect. We can send an alternate cleaner, re-arrange the time of your cleaning, or cancel / reschedule with no charge.

Can I give you special tasks and instructions?

Of course! Great Green Cleaning is a full-service housekeeping company. We don’t simply follow a check list, we create every single cleaning to your specific needs during your account setup. Need your oven cleaned? Your windows washed? Your laundry done? Your cabinets cleaned out? Your toaster oven scrubbed? Your cat litter changed? Your ceiling fans washed? No problem- let your Client Care person know your needs during your account setup and we’ll write that on your job order, so your cleaner has clear directions. If you forget to add a task- just call us, we’ll add some time to your appointment and make certain your cleaner takes care of everything. Remember: Relax… We do it all!

Do I need to provide supplies?

Absolutely not. We provide all of the best industrial-strength, hypoallergenic, earth-friendly cleaning supplies available anywhere. This includes General Cleaner, Floor Cleaner, Dish Soap, Oven Cleaner, Scrubbing Powder, Glass Cleaner, Mold and Mildew deterrent and a natural citrus spray if you prefer to have a scent in your home after cleaning. We also supply the highest quality microfiber cloths, scrub brushes, dish scrubbers, gloves, masks, shoe covers, and a toilet brush that will remain in your home if you don’t have one.  To keep from cross-contaminating you only need to supply the basic things that most people have on hand like: Mop/Bucket, Broom/Dustpan, Trash Bag, Paper Towel, a Step stool, and a Vacuum Cleaner if you have carpets or rugs. If you are moving in or out and don’t have these items, call us and we can arrange to have them for you. We can also purchase these for you and have them delivered before your cleaning.

Should I tip my Cleaning Specialist?

Most of our clients do show their appreciation by tipping their cleaner, usually 15-20%.  Although it is not required, if you have a great cleaning, this is one way you can let your cleaner know you’re pleased.  You can tip in cash (if you’re not home, just leave a note so your cleaning specialist can identify the tip), or if it’s more convenient you can tip on your credit card. Just call the office and let us know. There is a small service charge for credit card tips.

What if I have to cancel?

It’s never an issue. Just call the office 48 hours before your appointment and there’s never a charge. We’ll be happy to cancel your cleaning or re-schedule it for a better time. If you have an emergency, like an accident or illness, or for our pregnant clients that go into labor, we will cancel your cleaning at no charge and re-schedule. If you cancel without notice or don’t let us in at the time of your cleaning, you are responsible to pay the estimated cost of your cleaning.

Do I have to sign a contract?

Our clients continue to use us because they love us. Some have been clients for over 20 years! We have no long-term contracts, ever.  We will send you a Terms of Service agreement / Credit Card agreement via email that you sign electronically when you schedule. This is so you understand what to expect and understand all of our policies.

Will I get the same person every time?

The best way to ensure you get the same person every time is to have us put your cleaning on their regular schedule every week or every other week, most clients prefer one cleaner or a team of cleaners.  We make every effort to send the Cleaning Specialists that know your home and that you are comfortable and familiar with. If you call us on an “as needed” basis and for any reason your person is not available, we will let you know in advance and send a substitute cleaner who knows your account details so they can do an excellent job. We only do this with your knowledge and permission.

Do your Cleaning Specialists speak English?

All of our Cleaning Specialists speak, read, and write English fluently. That’s one of our hiring requirements.

Can I get regular service?

Of course! Most of our clients prefer the convenience of weekly or every other week cleaning. Many of our families have been on service for over 20 years. Once you set up your account and schedule your preferred day, time and person, we will add you to our schedule. If you ever want to change your schedule for vacations or any reason, just call us. We will always accommodate your needs.

If you’re very busy and can’t call to make a change you can always email us at  contact@greatgreencleaning.com. We will email you to confirm or to ask questions.

Is Great Green Cleaning available nights or weekends?

We work 24/7 every day of the year.  All of our house cleaning is at the same hourly rate regardless of the day.  Remember that on weekends, public transportation can sometimes move slowly. We like to allow an hour arrival window for weekend cleanings.  If you require your cleaner to work after 10pm you are responsible for their cab fare home.

Do you work on holidays?

We work 24/7 every day of the year.  All of our house cleaning is at the same hourly rate regardless of the day. Many of our clients ask us to work on holidays to help clean, decorate and prepare their home for holiday dinners. We can assist in food prep, serve your dinner, and clean up after. We’ve even played Santa Claus at Christmas parties!

Do you have gift certificates or gift cards?

Absolutely!  Just call our office anytime. Many people ask for Gift Cards for baby gifts, wedding gifts, Mother’s Day, birthdays, Christmas and get-well gifts.  We will set up an account for you and your recipient and then call them to schedule their cleaning at their convenience. You can purchase any amount you desire from a minimum of 2 hours and up. You can even include a tip so your recipient doesn’t have to do anything but sit back and enjoy your thoughtful gift! If you’d like to have a beautiful Golden Gift Certificate to wrap and put under the tree- we can mail you one in a linen envelope!

How do I schedule service?

It’s easy! Just call 718-369-9000 to set up your account.  After your first cleaning, if you prefer to contact us “as needed” you can call or email your request, or you can setup a regular schedule and know your Cleaning Specialist will always be there when you prefer.

Is Great Green Cleaning insured and bonded?

We are bonded and fully insured and can accommodate your insurance needs. Just let us know. We can also provide you or your management company with a COI naming you or your location as additionally insured, if you require a COI,  please give us 48 hours notice to provide it.

How often should I have my home cleaned?

It really depends on individual needs like the occupants of your home, number of children and pets and how much love your home needs.  Your Client Care specialist can assess your cleaning needs in a free estimate, simply call us at 718-369-9000. Having your home cleaned on a weekly basis can reduce allergy issues greatly. It will also reduce common colds by 80%!  Most clients enjoy having a weekly or every other week cleaning to free them up to spend their valuable time doing what they love. Imagine coming home after a long week and spending your weekend in an immaculately clean home!

What about laundry and ironing?

Many of our Cleaning Specialists are experts at taking care of your laundry and ironing. If you have a washer and dryer on-premises, we can do all your laundry while we clean to save you time. Simply give your Client Care representative detailed instructions during your account setup and leave the rest to us! We prefer if you sort in advance, so we know what’s delicate or what items need special care. We will wash, dry, fold and even put your items away as instructed. We can also set a special appointment to only do ironing by the hour. Just let us know.

Are your staff members Independent Contractors?

Never!  Every single one of our staff members is an employee of Great Green Cleaning. Many have worked with us for over 20 years. They stay because they are happy and appreciated. They have a 401 K retirement plan. They are well paid with a living wage (Never minimum wage-not even during training) and are rewarded with bonuses and many perks. We love and trust our staff, they are part of the Great Green Family. We even provide them a kitchen break room with alkaline water and healthy organic snacks and meals so they can take breaks if they choose for lunch or between jobs.

How do you hire cleaning staff members?

Our Human Resources team interviews dozens of applicants for hundreds of hours to find a few qualified candidates.  Very few make the cut. We only hire professional cleaners with at least 3 to 5 years of check-able, appropriate experience. After the first interview they are again interviewed by a manager, and finally they are interviewed personally by the owner. When we finally find an intelligent, experienced and well-spoken cleaner, we carefully check their references, do an extensive background check and sporadic unannounced drug testing. They are hired for a 90 day probationary period so we can assess their competence. We do several hours of client etiquette training followed by green cleaning training in-house. After they complete the basics, they are tested on job sites with a supervisory cleaning staff member who assesses their work. Most of their initial jobs are on a supervised crew or on a team with a senior cleaner. After they show that they are excellent, we send them to a client and get feedback. We continue to check and record their progress until we know that they can become part of the Great Green Team.  Be assured that the Cleaning Specialist coming to your home is trustworthy, vetted, qualified and excellent.

What perks can I get for recommending you?

We love recommendations! If you recommend us to friends, family and business associates and they try our service, we will thank you with a free 2-hour cleaning or add this free time to your account for future use!  Our happy clients are our best advertisement. You can even request that we send your favorite cleaning person if they are available.

I have a clutter / hoarding situation, can you help?

We are experts in handling difficult hoarding and clutter situations. We deeply understand the emotional difficulty of hoarding. Our compassionate staff knows that many people have an attachment to their belongings and we will gently guide you through the entire process of sorting and deciding what are the most valuable items to keep, and what you are willing to release. When we are complete, your home will be safe, comfortable, livable and organized. Call our office for a personal assessment of your needs. We’ll explain our process, so you feel safe and cared for. If you are calling for a friend or relative, we assure you that we will take the utmost care of your loved one during the process. We know it’s difficult, but it can be done. With a supervised crew we can do an entire home in just a few days. It’s not as hopeless as it seems. We’ve helped many clients get their lives back!

My children came home from school with lice, what can I do?

We have been helping families get rid of lice issues for 30 years. Call us for an assessment. We can do a deep cleaning of your entire home, handle all of the laundry, bag up the toys and stuffed animals and create an environment for your successful lice eradication while you take care of the children.

It’s a big job and you don’t have to do it alone. We’re here to help.

I think I may have bed bugs, can you help?

We have been doing bed bug preparation and assessment for over 15 years. We are the best in New York. We will give you a free assessment and emotional support during a very difficult time. Call our office and we will walk you through the entire process. We partner with excellent green exterminators, and partner with several well qualified bed bug dog companies to assist you from start to finish. When we are done, you will sleep easy again and be bed bug free.

I am in the middle of a renovation and everything is covered with plaster dust, can you help?

We are post-construction experts. We’ve been cleaning plaster dust for over 30 years. Plaster dust is dangerous for your lungs and can destroy the finished surfaces of your floors and counter-tops. It must be removed completely. We use special dustless vacuums, high quality micro fiber cloths, industrial swiffers and other equipment specific to construction dust removal. We provide services for decorators, construction companies, building managers and home owners as well. Our team of supervised, trained, dust removal experts will leave your home immaculate, safe and ready to be lived in. Call us for your free assessment. We understand the complexity of a renovation completion schedule and we will work with you.

I have allergies and chemical sensitivities. Will I be safe?

One of our specialties. If you or a family member is suffering from allergies or chemical sensitivities, you’ve come to the right place. Many allergies are caused by dander or dust mites in your bed and in your home. All of our supplies are hypoallergenic and safe for people with chemical sensitivities. We can do a special dust mite allergy cleaning using ultra violet light wands and UV vacuums to remove dander and dust mites from beds and upholstery. We will clean and disinfect every surface and corner in your home including walls and ceilings if needed. Call us for a free assessment.

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