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What is included in my cleaning?
Your AAA Deal is good for general cleaning or housekeeping services. Our Client Care Specialists will work with you to customize your cleaning to your needs. Many customers request a general cleaning of immediately visible surfaces such as the exteriors of cabinets and appliances, floors, baseboards, and furniture. Some require assistance with moderate organization and others like to have us detail their crown molding and wainscoting. Your Client Care specialist will provide you with an estimate based on your preferences and may create a priority list with you to work within the time afforded by your voucher or assist you with purchasing additional time to complete more tasks. Up to 4 additional hours may be purchased and added to your first appointment at the discounted rate or $35.00 each.

Should I purchase 3 hours or 4 hours?
Although this deal is an opportunity to “try us out” at a discounted rate, we always recommend that new clients purchase at least 4 or 5 hours to get a deeper cleaning the first time and really get things in shape for shorter follow up cleanings.  A deeply cleaned home doesn’t just look clean – it feels clean too and is a healthier environment for you and your family.  Most people use this opportunity as an inexpensive way to get the whole job done right. But as always, you are in charge and we will do as much or as little as you choose.  You can always add more time when you call to schedule your service, so why not take advantage of the great savings and buy the additional hours during the deal.

What is NOT included in my cleaning?
Your AAA Deal is not valid for the following types of cleaning:   1. Post-Renovation Cleanings: You don’t have to have knocked out all of the walls in your home to fall in to this category. Something as simple as sanding down plaster or spackling before painting, or drilling some holes to install new hardware can cause a fine powder to coat the general surfaces of your home. This dust is deceptively pesky. It gets in every nook, crack, cranny, and crevice and requires multiple passes and different hardware to fully remove. Your general contractor or foreman is not a Cleaning Specialist. If he or she says that “everything’s cleaned up” and/or you’re only seeing “a little dust,” this is the still the appropriate category for you. 2. Pest-Control-Related Cleanings: Have you had any issues with mice, cockroaches, bed bugs, or any other pesky critters? We understand that many New Yorkers see an occasional bug or two. However, if you have bed bugs, see mouse droppings, or have more than a few pesky buggers, this is the category of service for you. 3. Health-Hazardous Cleanings: Great Green Cleaning may assist with the cleaning of bodily fluids such as blood and feces. If you or a loved one requires special care with this type of service, we hope you will call our office. Our Client Care Specialists will treat you with respect and dignity. The safety of our Cleaning Specialists is very important to us. We want to make sure that they have the necessary equipment to help you with your needs. If there is any mold in your residence or a heavy smell of cigarette smoke and/or nicotine residue, soot, or any other airborne contaminants, this is the right category for you and it is your responsibility to inform your Client Care Specialist during your estimate so that he or she may properly assist you. 4. Collyer’s Cleanings: Great Green Cleaning assists many customers with minimal organization. Do you have a pair of jeans thrown on your couch and/or a few shirts on the floor? Not a problem. If your organizational needs exceed the bounds of moderation, we’re still here for you! Many New Yorkers struggle with clutter. Great Green Cleaning helps customers with all clutter-related needs up to and including compulsive hoarding. Our Client Care Specialists assist customers with even the most difficult clutter-related jobs. For an example of these services, you can watch us work at youtube.com/greatgreencleaning.   If you are unsure if your cleaning needs fall in to one of the categories listed above, please call our office. A Client Care Specialist will be glad to assist you. Should you accidentally purchase an AAA Deal for a service that is not covered by this promotion, we will be glad to apply the cost of your voucher towards the price of your cleaning or we will assist you with requesting a refund from AAA.   We provide our customers with over-the-phone estimates. As we are not able to see your residence when speaking with you about your cleaning needs, please know that our rates are subject to change based on the actual condition of your home. If the condition of your home is different from the description you provided during your estimate (e.g. falls in to any of the categories listed above), your voucher may be voided and our Cleaning Specialist may be removed from your residence.

Will you come to other areas besides Brooklyn and Manhattan?
This current offer is only valid for residential cleaning in parts of Brooklyn and Manhattan. Please read the fine print before purchasing your voucher to make sure this promotion is valid in your area. Great Green Cleaning services all five boroughs and parts of New Jersey. If your area is not covered by this promotion, you may call our office for a free estimate for your location at our standard rates.

If I purchase an AAA Deal when can I schedule my appointment?
As soon as you receive your AAA Deal number, you may contact us to schedule your cleaning. Because of the large number of responses we receive, you may call our office at 718.369-9000 between 11AM and 7PM or e-mail us at FDL@greatgreencleaning.com to be added to our call-back list. Your AAA Deal number must be valid in order to schedule your cleaning

We will do our best to call each client back in the order in which we receive requests. If you call towards the beginning or end of a voucher promotion, it may take up to 24 hours for you to receive a call from our staff.  But most people are called back within the hour. Assessing your cleaning needs, setting up your permanent account, and then scheduling your service appointment typically takes between 15-30 minutes. Most people who try our service return for regular cleaning, so we consider you one of our regular clients after your first appointment. After your first appointment – just drop us a quick email and we’ll set up your next cleaning, or phone our office – we are available day and night every day of the year!

You can expedite our scheduling process if you provide us with the following information when you call or e-mail us to be added to our queue:

Your First and Last Name:

AAA Deal Number:

Complete Address:

Contact Number:

Best time to reach you:

Square Footage of your Residence:

Number of Bedrooms, Bathrooms and list all additional rooms.

Living Situation (e.g. number of pets, roommates, children etc.):

Great Green Cleaning has over 50 Cleaning Specialists on staff. To give you this great opportunity to test out our services at a deep discount, half of our staff will be devoted to AAA Deal cleanings while the other half will assist our regular customers. Your Client Care Specialist will work with you to find the best day and time to accommodate your scheduling needs. Please know that your AAA Deal is subject to our availability (most of our appointments take place on weekdays between 9AM and 9PM) and your cleaning may be scheduled several weeks out. If you are looking for urgent or immediate assistance, we do not recommend purchasing this offer. This is a better fit for customers who would like a risk-free way to test out our services and do not have time-sensitive needs. However, you can always purchase the offer and use it in the future for a special occasion such as an after-party or deep cleaning of your kitchen after a holiday dinner. You can also use this to give yourself a gift for your birthday or Mother’s Day! Feel free to pamper yourself.

Do I need to be present for my cleaning?
No way! We suggest that you use this opportunity to have some fun! Grab another AAA Deal and try out a new restaurant or go out to the park while you let us do the work. Just make sure to be present at the end of your cleaning so we can verify the quality of our work with you. We don’t want an errant dust bunny to come between you and regular service! If you would like to be present for you cleaning, that’s fine too. Your Client Care Specialist will work with you to find a time that works best for you. Please know that most of our appointments are scheduled weekdays between the hours of 9AM and 9PM, so it’s likely that we can accommodate you in the evening after work, but our weekend availability is very limited and may require scheduling further out.

Can you clean special items, or areas in my home?
Certainly! We can clean almost anything and we bill by the hour so there are no hidden charges for additional tasks. Let us know what you’d like to have cleaned and we’ll help you create a plan!

Can you only focus on one room with my AAA Deal?
Sure! If you have 3 or 4 hours of work to do in one room, that’s not a problem. Many clients like for us to clean inside of cabinetry and appliances in their kitchen, which requires additional time. We can also clean ceiling fans, light fixtures, chandeliers and many additional furnishings. Your Client Care Specialist will walk you through our time allocations for additional tasks so you have a realistic idea of what we will be able to accomplish based on your lifestyle and the condition of your residence.

Are there any additional costs?
As long as you provide the basic hardware for our Cleaning Specialist including, but not limited to, a broom, dustpan, mop, bucket, paper towels, garbage bags, a step stool or ladder and a functioning vacuum (if needed) and choose to schedule a daytime appointment, there are no additional costs. Additional charges will only apply in the following scenarios:   1. If you choose to add additional time to your cleaning. 2. If you request an appointment that ends after 10PM for cab fare for your cleaning specialist 3. If you choose to rent the aforementioned hardware. 4. If you require same-day service and it is within our availability. Please note that, due to the overwhelming response to many AAA Deals, this may not be an option. In the unlikely event that same-day service is available, there is a $50 premium to dispatch a specialist on the day of your call. 5. And of course AAA Clients tip their Cleaning Specialists based on the actual value of their cleaning. We ask that you tip your Specialist directly in cash as we do not process tips via credit cards. Our staff appreciates your generosity. Your tip lets your Specialist know that he or she did a good job and that you are satisfied with her service.   Should you request additional time, your Client Care Specialist will apprise you of the total cost of the additional hours. Great Green Cleaning requires an active credit card on file to reserve this time and will temporarily hold the quoted price of your cleaning on the card of your choice. If you purchase additional services or time you may pay by cash or by Credit Card   We understand that you are busy, that’s why you use our service! Should you require an evening appointment, we’re happy to help. We clean 24/7 and there are no additional fees for any appointment that ends before 10PM. If your appointment ends after 10PM, you agree to pay for your Cleaning Specialist’s cab fare home. Overnight cleaning (i.e. appointments after midnight) are not covered by this offer. Please call our office if you require overnight cleaning and we will be happy to provide you with a free estimate.   Don’t forget that AAA does not add the cost of sales tax in with the purchase price of their vouchers. You are responsible for paying the sales tax. You may charge your sales tax to the credit card you have on file with us, or if you prefer you may place your sales-tax payment in cash in an envelope labeled with your name and voucher number. Your cleaning Specialist will bring this payment to our office. Please keep this separate from the tip.

Some services charge extra for pets. Is there a pet fee?
None whatsoever! Many of our clients have pets. We all know that some shed more than others. If your pet is a heavy shedder, more time will be required in order for our Cleaning Specialists to provide you with a thorough cleaning. Your Client Care Specialist will adjust your task list to allow time for pet-hair removal. We typically reserve an extra 30-60 minutes of time for pet-hair removal.

What if I need to cancel or change my appointment, can I do that?
We require 48 hours notice to move or change an appointment. As long as we have 48 hours of notice we will be happy to accommodate you. If you cancel with no notice or less than the required 48 hours, you forfeit the value of the offer.

I have a large apartment with several bedrooms. Will this offer allow me to have my entire residence cleaned?
This depends entirely on your lifestyle and the condition of your residence. We use the same time allocations for all first-time customers. Larger homes and apartments typically require additional time. Some smaller residences do as well. You are under no obligation to add additional time. If you choose to do so, your Client Care Specialist will advise you of the total cost based on your estimate. If less time is required than your Client Care Specialist initially estimated, you will only be charged for the actual time used and we will round down to the closest 15-minute mark in your favor. If more time is required based on the needs of your residence, we will authorize any additional time with you before proceeding.

How much should I tip?
This is a service-based business and most customers tip accordingly. Somewhere between 15 and 20% is average. If you love your Cleaning Specialist’s work as much we hope you will, it is always kind to tip your specialist based on the non-discounted cost of the cleaning to show your appreciation. Please tip your cleaning specialist directly, either in cash or with a check made out to cash, as we do not process tips via credit cards.

How do I pay the sales tax?
Please place your sales-tax payment in cash in an envelope labeled with your name and voucher number. Your Cleaning Specialist will bring this payment to our office. If you choose not to pay by cash, we will place the sales-tax payment on your credit card for your convenience.

What supplies do I need to provide?
You are only responsible for providing the basic hardware: a broom, dustpan, mop, bucket, paper towels, garbage bags and a functioning vacuum (if needed.) If you have tall ceilings and have requested the cleaning of any light fixtures and/or crown molding etc. you agree to provide a step stool or ladder. Please be aware that the quality of the hardware you provide will directly affect our ability to thoroughly clean your residence. We will bring all of the Earth-Friendly cleaning liquids necessary to clean your home safely and efficiently.

How many people do you send to clean?
The number of specialists we dispatch depends entirely on your needs. Typically, we send 1 specialist for any appointment that is estimated to take 8 or fewer hours. However, we may send anywhere from 1 person to 4 people to your residence depending on your needs and, in some cases, a supervisor may be dispatched to insure the quality of our specialists’ work. We measure time in total labor hours, so 2 people for 1.5 hours makes for 3 hours of labor. Your Client Care Specialist will be glad to answer any questions you may have about scheduling.

May I use my AAA Deal hours for something other than cleaning (e.g. organizing, laundry, etc.)?
Absolutely! We love special projects and assist many customers in this capacity. We can even be the wait staff at your next party. Just ask your Client Care Specialist about our other services when you call to schedule your appointment and he or she will be happy to assist you.

I purchased one AAA Deal and my apartment is small. Can I split my voucher between 2 appointments?
Your offer is valid for 1 appointment only. Because we are a custom-cleaning company, we can assist you with myriad additional tasks during the hours you have purchased through AAA. We’re sure you’ll agree that there is never a shortage of things to be done when it comes to cleaning and housekeeping. That’s why you’re using our service!

Can you clean my oven?
You bet! If you make that a priority, we will start there and then spend the remaining time you’ve purchased addressing your other needs. Our Earth-Friendly Oven Cleaner is FANTASTIC. If you haven’t cleaned the inside of your oven in a while, we would highly recommend speaking with your Client Care Specialist about adding this task.

I’m a current customer, May I still use this AAA Deal?
Absolutely.  AAA Deals are available to be redeemed by anyone who is a member of AAA.

Can I combine this offer with other offers or discounts?
Your AAA Deal may not be combined with any other discounts, coupons, or promotional offers.

Do you have a satisfaction guarantee for your work and what are your terms of service?
We do! Our Guarantee applies to the quality of the work we are able to complete within the time you have reserved. It’s very important that you understand our Guarantee– this is one of the things that really separates us from everyone else. There are some difficulties inherent in purchasing a discounted offer- sometimes it’s scheduling because of a large response to an offer- sometimes the schedule is crowded and it’s difficult to match the “right” cleaning specialist with the “right” client ( and we try diligently to do just that ) Although most professional cleaners will do a good job- they are still just human beings and every one of us has a bad day now and then… Our Guarantee takes care of that – but only if you communicate with us and let us know how we are doing.   Our staff is professionally trained to walk you through your home to show off their work and have you carefully check it all so we can make certain that you are satisfied. There’s always a little something that can be done differently, there’s always something that you may want moved or cleaned in a different way- that’s why we are a custom cleaning service – so we may accommodate you. The key to having a successful experience is knowing that some things will have to be redone on your first few cleanings, at least until your Cleaning Specialist really gets to know you and your home- and can learn the way YOU like things done! As soon as your walk through is complete let your Cleaning Specialist know what you would like re-done or changed. They will CHEERFULLY re-do the work until we bring the completed tasks up to your standard. If you are still not delighted- get some privacy and call the office – we’ll take care of it for you and work with your cleaner until you are satisfied. Our Goal is to WOW you with a job well done in good spirits. We want to accomplish that before we leave your home. If for any reason you are not delighted at the close of your cleaning we ask that you call the office and speak with a Manager right away. We promise you we will work diligently to satisfy you. Communication is the key – and we know a happy client will tell 100 other people how happy they are with Great Green Cleaning and that’s exactly what we want. A long happy relationship with you, caring for your home and your family!   And, if you like we will be happy to e-mail you a copy of our Terms Of Service upon request.

What If I purchase this Offer and then Decide it’s not for me?
AAA Deals will cheerfully refund your money with no questions asked. If this offer isn’t for you, we want you to have your money back and we will be happy to walk you through the process. We may not be the right company for you,. You may not like our style. We’d like to have a happy separation – we will assist you in getting a refund and part ways as friends.

Congratulations on finding a great deal!

We look forward to freeing up your time and giving you a beautifully cleaned home.

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