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How do you hire cleaning staff members?

Our Human Resources team interviews dozens of applicants for hundreds of hours to find a few qualified candidates.  Very few make the cut. We only hire professional cleaners with at least 3 to 5 years of check-able, appropriate experience. After the first interview they are again interviewed by a manager, and finally they are interviewed personally by the owner. When we finally find an intelligent, experienced and well-spoken cleaner, we carefully check their references, do an extensive background check and sporadic unannounced drug testing. They are hired for a 90 day probationary period so we can assess their competence. We do several hours of client etiquette training followed by green cleaning training in-house. After they complete the basics, they are tested on job sites with a supervisory cleaning staff member who assesses their work. Most of their initial jobs are on a supervised crew or on a team with a senior cleaner. After they show that they are excellent, we send them to a client and get feedback. We continue to check and record their progress until we know that they can become part of the Great Green Team.  Be assured that the Cleaning Specialist coming to your home is trustworthy, vetted, qualified and excellent.

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