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Bed Bug Prep Services

Bed Bug Prep services that will take care of your problem quickly, efficiently and discreetly, so your family can sleep safely again. As early adopters, we pioneered the bed bug preparation process years ago, and others followed our example. We’ve been stomping out Bed Bugs in New York City for over 15 years. Our green cleaning business is 35 years old, with thousands of happy clients. Our track record speaks volumes.

This type of work has no room for errors. Overlooking a single female bed bug can lead to complete re-infestation. We are careful and impeccable. And we partner well with your Professional Exterminator. We only work with excellent exterminators that are reliable experts and are well reviewed by our clients. Our goal is to help you get bed bug free as quickly as possible, and for you to be as comfortable as possible during the extermination process.

5 star review for our Bed Bug Prep Services

The Basic Process:

  • Empty closets, dressers, cabinets and shelves
  • Vacuum the environment thoroughly
  • Sort and separate and ready items for laundry or heat treatment or discard
  • Inspect all items to be packed
  • Spray any remaining eggs and bed bugs with grain alcohol
  • Clean and disinfect all items
  • Safely pack every item in order to preserve & protect during the process
  • Move furniture and open all switch plates for exterminator access

Advanced Issues:

  • Wrap, label and dispose of Mattresses, couches & furniture
  • In hoarding & clutter situations – sort and dispose of debris
  • In severe infestations – remove and dispose of carpeting

We handle your belongings with great care. We know you’re relying on us during a most difficult time, and we take that responsibility seriously. We check, clean, and bubble wrap items, before packing them into a heavy-duty construction grade bag, which is then placed inside a bin which is sealed with tape and properly labeled. Then we stack your belongings in the middle of a safe room or out of the way so the exterminator can easily and effectively do their job.

Much more than prep.

After estimating the cost of the job and assessing your specific needs, we carefully coordinate with other services to help tackle all aspects of a job.

Not only do we partner with the exterminator, we also partner with bed bug laundry services, garbage removal services, and even donation pick-up services to make the process easy and seamless. We make sure schedules are aligned properly and that the requirements of each specific company are met.

We also emotionally support you throughout this very difficult process: we walk you through every step so you’re more comfortable; we help you pick out things you’ll need for the month, like clothes for work, important documents, cooking utensils, etc.; in hoarding situations we help you to let go of clutter that can make getting rid of bed bugs even more difficult.

In addition, because we are a full service housekeeping company, we provide options that other companies don’t; like on-going cleaning, packing/un-packing and support.

If you have physical sensitivities to the pesticides, we offer to come throughout the extermination process to change your beddings and wipe down surfaces with water.

We make ourselves available day or night 365 days a year.

We’ll gladly answer any questions you have.

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You’ve been through enough disruption, exhaustion and loss of work. We adjust our schedule to make it easier for you.

We can even purchase things like zippered mattress and pillow covers, so we can zip everything up after it’s been treated and cleaned.

We go the extra mile!

In order to maintain discretion for our clients, we always wait to put on special equipment until we’re at the door, and always dispose of it properly before we leave. We are anonymous and discreet.

We keep our office and equipment bed bug free through regular inspections and diligence; we always pack and contain everything properly when leaving a job site to be disinfected before it goes back to inventory.

When done correctly, in partnership with excellent extermination services and regular inspections, this process will completely eliminate bed bugs, so everyone can sleep easy again.

Every client is unique, so we only charge by the hour!

Why should someone in a studio apartment pay the same amount as someone in a 3-bedroom home? Flat rates are unfair to you. Each client is unique and each job site is unique. We send a professional estimator in, at no charge, to take photos and gather details – and then we do a proposal for the amount of time estimated for each home.

You only pay for the actual time you use (plus a nominal fee for the equipment and supplies you need such as bubble wrap, storage bins and Contractor bags). Some clients need 10 hours and 2 bins and others need 50 hours and 20 bins, and some need a dumpster. Whatever their need, we estimate fairly.

We will also spend several hours on the phone with you, helping you understand the process, setting realistic expectations and sometimes just listening. Having bed bugs is hard— Great Green makes it easier.

Call us today for a free estimate and find out how we can take care of your home or office – and save you money and time by doing it right the first time.

Here is a YELP review from one of our satisfied Bed Bug Preparation Clients:

“I am a Program Coordinator for a program that services seniors in New York City. My client has a particularly terrible bed bug infestation. The exterminators require an extensive cleaning/decluttering of the entire apartment before they can begin the process of eliminating the problem. Enter Great Green Cleaning: The workers came to my clients home and began what turned out to be an extremely difficult three day job. The workers were O’Neil, Suzanne, Caroline, Myra, and Lindsay. They were thorough and efficient. They were pleasant, and very personable (especially considering the extent of the work) just absolutely WONDERFUL!!!


The job required that all items to be discarded be wrapped in plastic and bagged a certain way. The workers used their entire supply of bags on the first visit and they discarded enough refuse to fill two dumpsters. In addition to getting all of the clutter removed they washed dishes that had been in my opinion rendered useless. Once they were finished the items looked new. The apartment needed a very extensive cleaning job as well. Once they left the refrigerator was spotless, as was the entire kitchen, bathroom and bedroom.

The two things that remain among the most notable for me were the kindness of the office staff , as well as the integrity of the workers. Jodi, Mary and May were really patient with us as there were several matters with the clients family. They handled them, (and me) with great care. Finally the workers found several stacks of cash while they were working. They placed it in a bag to be given the the clients brother. I think the service is worth every penny spent. Excellent service from an excellent staff!!!”

Requithelia A.
Manhattan, NY

What to do if you have Bed Bugs in Brooklyn

If you live in Brooklyn and think you may have bed bugs you may be wondering what to do about them, Bed bugs are making a comeback after being close to extermination in this country in the 1940s and this variety of bed bug is even harder to get rid of. First it is important to establish whether your home in Brooklyn has bed bugs before you take the steps to exterminate them, the methods used for bed bugs is somewhat different than that used for fleas, and requires a few different steps since bed bugs tend to hide in more places.

Bed bugs are flat wingless creatures that tend to live in your bedding but may also live in a number of other places as well. Their size and shape allows them to survive in many cracks and crevices unseen, they can also hide in excessive clutter that you may have lying around your house, furniture, or in carpets, wall molding, and even loose wallpaper. Bed bugs can survive up to a year in a vacant apartment without a host to feed on. If you are moving to an apartment in Brooklyn bed bugs may be an issue so you may want to have it sprayed before you move in.

One of the most important things you need to do when you find out that your apartment in Brooklyn has bed bugs is to clean your apartment thoroughly. You will need to have a professional service come out and spray your home but before they can do that you should clean your home top to bottom otherwise there is a good chance that the bed bugs will come back. Start by removing all the excess clutter from your home, be sure to clear under bed, in closets and anywhere there is clutter that can harbor these pests.

You may wish to have a professional cleaning service come in and steam clean all of your carpets and furniture, this will get rid of a lot of the bed bugs all on its own. Keep in mind that the old advice that keeping your house clean will prevent bed bugs and will get rid of them simply will not work. While a good cleaning will help to eliminate many of them, when you have bed bugs in the wallboards there is simply no way that the bed bugs in your Brooklyn apartment will be eliminated by a thorough bed bug prep.

A professional cleaning designed for bed bugs however will eliminate the majority of an infestation provided it is not a severe one. Once your home is clean then you can have an exterminator come out and complete the process if necessary. It is a good idea to use a professional to take care of bedbugs in your Brooklyn home, this will ensure they are thoroughly eliminated the first time. If you would like more information about bedbug and assistance in eliminating them from your home Great Green Cleaning can help.

Here is an article from CBS news about the current Bed Bug Situation in New York. We found some of this information about protecting yourself from Bed Bug Infestation very helpful.

NEW YORK (CBS 2) – Bedbugs have been invading New York City, popping up at public establishments in Times Square, SoHo, and Brooklyn recently. Now, many residents are wondering what they can do to stave off the bugs.

People are the mass transit for bedbugs, as the creepy crawlers hitch a ride on your clothes and end up in your home.

There’s no need to worry though, as CBS 2’s Kirstin Cole learned about the latest weapons in the bedbug battle from the experts.

The pest management conference at Rutgers University is where the big guys go to check out the latest in battling bedbugs.

“They’re the hardest to get rid of – once you get them, they require a lot of labor and a lot of work, and there’s the creep factor,” urban etymologist Paul Bello said.

Bello specializes in fighting large-scale bedbug infestations, and his commitment runs deep.

“I have bedbugs at home that I to feed. See those little red dots?” Bello said.

He lets bed bugs feed on him every eight weeks as part of his research.

The pest control industry is embracing everything bedbug. It turns out consumers will pay hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars to get rid of the pests.

Chemicals and traps were everywhere at the conference, as were mattress wraps to protect your bed from the bugs. Pest Heat will send a boiler-hot blast into your home to rid it of pests, or Bed Bugs and Beyond will take a whole-home approach to fumigation.

If the bugs finally force you out of your home, you can fumigate your entire moving truck for $1,500.

Experts say people are the carriers. Bedbugs are exploding in retail, as seen when our canine expert, Ellie, found them at four out of six locations on Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue during a CBS 2 undercover investigation. The bugs hitchhike in on returned merchandise, and with employees’ and shoppers personal belongings.

For that reason, anything bought at a store should get 20 minutes in the dryer when it comes home. The heat of the dryer will kill the bugs and their eggs.

Dr. Steven Kells trains and lectures for hotels and stores, and warns that being proactive is vital to keeping the pests away.

“What you want to avoid is the mobile population of bedbugs, the bedbugs that are going to get onto your dirty laundry, are going to get into your suitcase, and are going to be carried home with you,” Dr. Kells said.

When you’re staying at a hotel, it’s a good idea to check out your room immediately. Pull back sheets and inspect ticking at all four corners of the mattress. Then look behind the headboard and inspect the luggage valet rack.

Stay bug-free by storing your luggage in the bathtub, which bedbugs can’t climb, and keep all toiletries zipped up in bags – it’ll keep you from bringing home unwanted souvenirs.

Another tip: when you’ve been in any public place you suspect could have bedbugs, go home and immediately change out of your clothes, put them into a closed plastic bag, and get them directly into the dryer for 20 minutes.

Our experts say it’s a trick that has kept them bug-free for years.

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