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Sometimes, protecting the ones you love can take strange and challenging forms.

Shame, denial or a feeling of helplessness can often stand in the way of a personal pursuit of happiness. This can often be the case with compulsive hoarding disorder. If you recognize this destructive behavior in others lives, it can be difficult to get them the attention they deserve.

Compulsive hoarding is a subcategory of OCD and has a very real effect on people’s well-being. Being in a home cluttered with personal belongings, clothing, trash and maybe even hazardous materials, can be detrimental to ones mental and physical health. Some people go years with out assistance simply because they do not know where to start.

Even if the intention to change is there, the ability to do so can seem out of reach…

We can help.

Great Green Cleaning has extensive experience dealing with these difficult situations. We provide quality service and emotional support to all of our clients who may suffer from this condition. Whether it’s organizing 25 years of gathered personal items or providing other services that address the emotional and mental condition; we will be here to help. We have a network of varied professionals that can assist in storage, charitable donations and everything else you may need to get the situation handled.

Like any similar condition, addressing it with someone who may be suffering can be a very delicate subject. It can be difficult to accept help, but we can make it a smooth, easy process for those in need. Not only will we send a full supervised crew of true professionals to handle the personal possessions with care but we go the extra mile and connect with the companies you need to restore your quality of living.

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