Post Construction Cleaning

Removing construction dust after a repair or renovation is an investment in your home and in your health. Our experienced specialists will carefully remove every bit of plaster dust, sawdust and other construction dust and debris, so you can enjoy your beautiful space in good health.  Please see our FAQ about post construction cleaning for valuable details that may surprise you!

An Investment in your Beautiful Home

You’ve spent so much time and energy and invested so much money to build or remodel your home or office,  it’s time for the finishing touch that will leave your home bright, shining and ready for you. Great Green Cleaning specializes in Post Construction Cleaning. We have a staff of Professionally Trained Construction Cleaning Specialists that will come in and get the plaster and sawdust out of your home, creating a safe comfortable and beautiful environment for you and your family.

Whether we are working with a Dustless Wet Dry Hepa Vacuum, or hand wiping each of your valuables with cotton swabs, We know how to  get the job done correctly. Here are some of the basics – but remember, we are a custom cleaning service and every job is customized to best meet your needs.

  • All surfaces including walls and ceilings Vacuumed and dusted
  • Every edge wiped top to bottom including door frames, door knobs, hardware, mouldings, ceiling fans and pocket doors.
  • We always sanitize kitchens and bathrooms on each cleaning
  • Cleaning of floors, baseboards, cabinets, counters, light fixtures, appliances
  • All glass, stone, and metal surfaces gently cleaned
  • Dust removal from blinds, ceiling pipes/fans, air ducts, vents, light fixtures.
  • Window cleaning including sills, window frames, and glass  (fold In only)
  • Cabinet, bookshelves and built Ins
  • Decorative woodwork, dust removed and raw wood oiled
  • We use the ONLY Dustless HEPA filter vacuum approved for Cleaning Construction dust with a double filtered sealed exhaust.

We also return to your home the next day as part of your cleaning, to check the work and remove any dust that remained airborne and may have settled after your cleaning. We take dust removal seriously. And it’s our intention for you to move into your impeccable dust free home as quickly as possible. You can count on us!

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